Each individual will experience the sea differently. The sea, with all her great powers, can fill those connected with it with great calm, energy and power. For some it brings a lifeline, and for others, an escapism. However, she can bring great perils with her ever powerful force, and so for those who live at […]

The Winton and Moordown Royal British Legion

The Winton and Moordown British Legion Club

The Royal British Legion club is no longer just for those serving or who have served in the Armed Forces. The club welcomes men, women and children from all different walks of life, serving or non. The last remaining club in Bournemouth, the club has great significance to those who attend it, but it needs […]

'thus it is I see'

‘thus it is I see’

According to the Royal National Institute of Blind People, by 2050 4.1 million people in the UK will be affected by visual impairments. Established in 1911 (before the existence of the NHS), the Bournemouth Blind Society is a charity run community with a membership of around 350 people. I have entitled this project ‘thus it […]

Stour Valley Nature Reserve


The Stour Valley Nature Reserve is situated on the edge of Bournemouth town and its surrounding suburbs. I wanted to explore the connection between man and nature when living in a built-up area, through the reserve. The town seems a million miles away once you are in the reserve, yet you have just turned off […]

Allotment Keepers

Allotment Keepers

By definition, an allotment is simply a patch of land on which to grow food produce for a non-commercial gain. For me, allotments mean childhood mud pies and happiness, they mean carefree and peace, they mean tasty treats, but most importantly, they mean mum. For most, their allotment is a place of escapism and calm, […]

The Beekeepers

St. Thomas'

St. Thomas’

William Temple once said ‘The church is the only society that exists for the benefit of those who are not its members’. Reverend Simon Evans talks of being a man of faith, belonging to a church rather than a religion. He talks of faith being a belief, a following, a serving; whereas religion is a […]



Hotels project


Established as a health retreat for those living in cities, Bournemouth built up a wide collections of hotels, most of which are still surviving. Through this idea of the seaside heyday and haven, I have explored hotels and bed and breakfasts in Bournemouth, comparing them now to how they appeared in their heyday.